Perazim Group Website
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    Perazim Group

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    Web Development

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    March 30, 2023

Perazim Group Website

Client: Perazim Group
Project Type: Website Development, Graphic Design, Server Setup, Hosting, and Management
Website URL:
Start Date: March 6, 2023
Launch Date: April 1, 2023

Project Overview:

We are excited to showcase our successful collaboration with Perazim Group, where we undertook a comprehensive website development project. Our team meticulously designed and developed a dynamic website to meet Perazim Group’s unique needs, combining cutting-edge technology with creative design.

Project Details:

Website Design:
We crafted Perazim Group’s visually captivating, user-friendly and responsive website from the ground up. Our design highlighted the Perazim School of Chaplaincy’s training courses, session details, and leadership team profiles while maintaining a distinctive identity.

Online Enrollment:
To streamline the educational process, we implemented seamless online course enrollment, making it easy for students to pay for courses online in Naira or USD.

Membership Area:
For the Perazim International Chaplains Organisation, we established a secure member login portal, granting access to a vibrant community of chaplains, exclusive content and valuable resources.

Email Server Setup:
Ensuring efficient communication, Cecula expertly configured an email server for the client.

Future Integration:

Considering all training delivered by the client since the founding of the organization has been delivered online, we future-proofed the platform for scalability by anticipating the integration of a Learning Management System (LMS) to foster enhanced student interaction and engagement.

About the Client:

Perazim Group encompasses a diverse range of initiatives:

Perazim School of Chaplaincy (PSOC): Providing comprehensive online training programs for chaplains, equipping them with knowledge and essential skills to serve both at volunteer and professional level.
Perazim International Chaplains Organisation (PICO): Empowering member chaplains with global volunteer and professional service opportunities. Alumni of the Perazim School of Chaplaincy and other trained chaplain become member of this organization.
Community Development Projects: Actively engaging in community projects such as the Ibafo Community Clinic renovation project aimed at restoring hope to individuals and communities.

Technologies Used:

Laravel: Leveraging the robust Laravel framework, we ensured performance and security for the website’s backend.
Vue with Inertia: The dynamic front-end was constructed using Vue.js with Inertia.js, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience.
MySQL Database: Powering the core of the platform, the dynamic MySQL database ensures efficient data management and retrieval.
Ground-Up Design: The website was meticulously designed from scratch to meet the client’s unique requirements.

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