It's now easier than ever to build and maintain Great Communication with your customers, members, stakeholders, distributors, ...
even when they are offline.

Build Lasting Relationships

Getting personal with customers increases brand loyalty. What if your customers could simply SMS rather than call to resolve issues.

Excellent Relationship

Build Trust

With a True-Identity powered by Sync Cloud, your Customers or Members can always trust that message originated from you and take required actions.


Get On-Time Delivery

Reach your customers, members, students, audience, stakeholders, everyone at the perfect moment

On-Time Delivery

Work Offline

Manage Contacts and Send Messages even without an internet connection. Message will be broadcasted when you come online.

Work Offline

Be in Conversation

Engage your offline audience, viewers, customers in a chat using Cecula. Your conversation history remains always accessible.


Group Contacts

Organize and Manage your contacts into groupings that make sense. Communicate with them in groups or as Individuals.

Contacts Grouping